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Paranormal Eye UK - Investigation

Paranormal Investigations
2018-08-25 21:00 - 2018-08-26 02:00


Meet the Spirits of our Edwardian Building, with Paranormal Eye UK.

Another chance to investigate the Grand Pavilion with this fantastic team:

Paranormal Eye say: Welcome To A Truly Amazing and Unique Ghost Hunting Experience 

Peoples Desire to know what  awaits us on the other side is growing stronger, many people are looking for physical proof, some look for signs and many of us are often just either intrigued or have many unanswered questions. Paranormal Eye welcomes you all to our ghost hunting events, from newcomers to experienced small groups. Spend the night/evening with the team where you can take part in many experiments including Ouija/spirit boards, table tipping, glass divination, seances and so much more. We hold ghost hunting events across the Country in many of the UK`s most haunted and spookiest locations, Will you be joining us ?

The Grand Pavilion is said to be home to a few mischievous spirits, the sound of child's laughter and cries is a very common occurrence. Many people refuse to walk alone down the cellar area as some people have reported being pushed, shoved and some even reporting the feeling of being strangled. Strange mists have appeared coming from nowhere and disappearing as quick as it came. The sound of heavy footsteps and the sound of children running is also heard. On Previous investigations here the stage has lit up with no electrical fault to be found.  Will you dare to join the Paranormal Eye team here?

Date: Saturday 25th August 2018

Times: 9pm - 2am

Tickets: ONLY £25 - NOW SOLD OUT!

Find out more about Paranormal Eye and their Investigation HERE!


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