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Date: Sunday, 04 November 2018 18:30 - 22:00

Join writer and director Stuart Wheeldon for a screening of the award winning short film 'The Telephone', shown alongside the short film 'In Limbo'. Both films shot on location in and around Wirksworth.

Stuart will also be presenting information on Nine Ladies new film 'Starman' and new horror 'Don't Follow The Light' - coming to The Grand Pavilion Soon!

Date: Sunday 4th November

Time: 6.30pm for 7pm showing - Each film is around 30mins and there will be a refreshment break between showings.

Tickets: £8, including popcorn and drink! - All profits are kindly being donated to our Restoration Project.

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The Telephone. A Short Horror Film

When Richard arrives in a small town, following the receipt of a letter and glass fish sent to his newspaper office, he is unaware of what he is about to become embroiled in. Intrigued by the story of a mysterious disappearance of a young woman, Jane, Richard takes a room in the pub, the last place Jane was known to be alive. Awakened one night by an old telephone that seems to ring endlessly and then a chance encounter with the spectral image of a young woman, Richard decides to question the owner, Max, an abstract artist who denies ever seeing or putting up the woman in question. Richard is told ‘The Telephone’ must be in his imagination. Richard’s instincts tell him there is more to the story. Is the ghostly figure seen late at night, that of Jane? Could the telephone ringing truly just be in his head? If you heard the ringing, would you be prepared to answer what lies at the end of the phone?

Starring Nigel Barber, Bern Deegan and Rachel Prince. The Film is written and directed by Stuart Wheeldon. Director of Photography George Peck

This film is a multi-award winning film, having toured film festivals around the world since Sept 2017.  


In Limbo - A Short Horror Film, inspired by the urban legend of The Black Eyed Children.

When three friends decide to go away for the weekend, none of them counted on encountering the urban myth that is the Black Eyed Children. Dreams are invaded and they must fight to save not only their physical bodies which have been frozen in a trance-like state, but also their souls which wander alone trapped In Limbo.

Starring Nigel Barber, who recently appeared in the Mission Impossible (MI5) and Spectre. He is joined by award winning actor Bern Deegan, alongside upcoming actors Bex Bowman and Rachel Prince. The film was written and directed by Stuart Wheeldon. Director of Photography Geraint Owen.

Both films were shot on location in and around Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

The Telephone 2

In Limbo film 2

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