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Yorkshire Ghost Hunts - Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Investigations
Date: Saturday, 27 April 2019 20:30 - Sunday, 28 April 2019 02:00

Join the Yorkshire Ghost Hunts team for a night of Paranormal Investigation around The Grand Pavilion.

New to the Grand Pavilion, but an experienced team in the Paranormal Field - we can't wait to see what they discover!


Date: Saturday 27th April 2019

Times: 8.30pm to 2am approx.

Tickets: £32 - Available from the YGH WEBSITE HERE!

From the YGH Website: The Grand Pavilion was built in 1910, putting on plays and concerts. During both wars the building was used to support the nation’s serving forces through various events such as patriotic films shows and fundraising concerts and by providing space for serving officers to organise and feed their men. After the Second World War, the building declined over time, eventually being taken over in poor condition when the council granted Phil Grey a lease. He ran it very successfully until his sudden death in 1992. After his death, Sue Grey took over the lease, later on the building’s main hall on the first floor became a nightclub, which closed in 2008.

Today the building is investigated by various Paranormal groups and with the strong activity within, it never seems to fail. From dark shadows, and the feeling of never being alone this grand pavilion can only tell the stories of the past. Along the back stairs and the tragic accident that happened is a place you will get to investigate with Yorkshire ghost hunts. Are you daring enough to join us ?? Can you do the lone vigil up within the mighty dome ?? Then dont hesitate to join us and book your tickets now.

Accessibility: Please be aware this event is not accessible for wheelchair users - please see our HOME PAGE for more information, Thank you.


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